Growing Vegetables Indoors

Grow, Eat, & Be Well.

How to Grow Vegetables Indoors

Below are the easiest, most nutrient dense options that are worth your time & effort to grow indoors. Pick an item below, follow the easy steps, & you'll soon yield the most local, healthiest veggies you can find.

Grow Basil Indoors

Basil is easy to grow indoors & adds a flavorful + nutritional punch to nearly any dish.

Grow Basil

Grow Tomatoes Indoors

Tomatoes really need an artificial light source to fruit well. Learn the steps here. 

Grow Tomatoes

Grow Lettuce Indoors

Lettuce is quick & easy to grow indoors. Grow with or without grow lights!

Grow Lettuce

Joy is Your Nature

Your inner life needs nourishment and TLC too. Listen to the Joy Lab Podcast for joy-growing resources that you can put into practice right now.


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