Growing Vegetables Indoors

Best Grow Lights for Indoor Vegetables

basics Jul 21, 2020

I'll Start with The End... LED balanced spectrum grow lights are likely the best match if you want to grow a variety of edible plants indoors.

Don't waste your time, money, and energy with shop lights or other lights that are not specific for growing. Grow lights are not just hype, they are very different than everyday bulbs and worth the extra monty.

So, why LED grow lights?

Mainly efficiency, bulb life, and power. You'll likely save more money and energy over time with an LED light. LEDs also last longer and you can use less to cover your plant space compared to most other bulb options.

The key downside is that LEDs are more expensive in the short term. If budget is an issue, I'd suggest getting as many LEDs as you can afford to fit your needs and then supplement with windows and/or balanced spectrum fluorescent. 

It's Confusing If You're Growing Weed

Grow light packages are littered with a bunch of weird numbers and spectrum claims. It gets even more confusing...

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